Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Saxophone Stuff I Like

As promised to attendees at the University of Florida High School Saxophone Camp held this past weekend, here is a list of saxophone equipment I like:

What I play (alto)
Reeds: Vandoren "Blue Box" 3.5
Ligature: Rico H Ligature
Mouthpiece: Selmer S80 C*
Saxophone: Selmer Super Action 80 Series II

Stuff I use
Bambu swab
Rico/D'Addario Reed vitalizer system
  (or a heavy-duty ziplock FREEZER bag and Boveda 72%  2-Way Humidity Control packs)
Hetman Sythetic Heavy Key Lubricant #18

Other things I know and like
Selmer Model 42 alto saxophone (tenor is Model 44)
Selmer Seles alto saxophone
Rousseau NC4 mouthpieces

Products I hear good things about
Good first Jazz mouthpiece:  Meyer 5 or Meyer 6
Yamaha EX Custom saxophones

Phone apps I use (Android)
Guitar Tuner Free (n-track studio)
N-Track Tuner Pro
Pro Metronome